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1. Winne The Pooh
2. Barbie
3. Dragonball Z
4. Powerpuff Girls
5. The Lion
6. The Tiger
7. Sailor Moon
8. Teletubbies
9. The Panda
10. Looney Tunes
11. Leopard
12. The Duck
13. Rocky And Bullwinkle
14. X-Men
15. Scooby Doo
16. The Kangaroo
17. Chimpanzee
18. The Zebra
20. Sesame Street
21. The Smurfs
22. The Fox
23. Kittens
24. Barney
25. Blues Clues
26. Curious George
27. Dr. Seuss
28. Thundercats
29. Dolphins
30. Killer Whales
31. The Shark
32. Thomas the Tank
33. My Little Pony
34. Monarch Butterfly
36. Puppies
37. Cows
38. The Hamster
39. Pigs
40. The Cheetah
41. The Hippo
42. Crocodiles
43. The Raccoon
44. Power Rangers
45. The Elephant
46. Chameleon
47. Pink Panther
48. The Rugrats
49. Ants
50. The Polar Bear
51. Elmo
52. The Turkey
53. Pokemon
54. Horses
55. The Koala
56. Little Rascals
57. Astroboy
58. The Wolf
59. Wizard of OZ
60. Pinky & The Brain
61. The Fox
62. G.I.Joe
63. The Penguin
64. The Mouse
65. Rabbits
66. Flintstones
67. Peewee Herman
68. Daffy Duck
69. Heman
70. Ren & Stimpy
71. Dinosaurs
72. Arthur
73. The Peacock
74. Fraggle Rock
75. Transformers
76. The Deer
77. Big Comfy Couch
78. The Leopard
79. The Frog
80. Cabbage Patch Kids
81. Bananas In Pyjamas
82. The Cougar
83. The Flamingo
84. The Jetsons
85. The Lobster
86. The Bat
87. Voltron Cartoon
88. The Giraffe
89. The Squirrel
90. Sheep
91. The Crab
92. The Crow
93. The Snake
94. The Goat
95. Yogi Bear
96. The Swan
97. Eagles
98. The Turtle
99. Parots
100. Bees


X-men was created by Stan Lee.
Stan originally wanted to call the series "The Mutants".
Professor X leads the mutants with powerful telepathy.
Wolverine is the most popular character of the X-men.
Cyclops has to wear a visor to cover his eyes.


Stan Lee wanted to create a team of heroes who were different from the traditional superheroes. He came up with the idea of mutants. He decided to make the leader a man who you would expect to be very weak, but is the most powerful of them all. Professor X, so he made him in a wheelchair and gave him a powerful mind capable of telepathy. For strength he thought of someone who looked like a beast, but was the smartest and most schooled of them. He created Iceman as the opposite of the Fantastic Fours Human Torch.

The lovely telekinetic/telepathic marvel girl and the straight laced somewhat tragic field leader Cyclops. Who always has to wear a ruby visor to cover his eyes, as he could not control it. Mr. Lee also created the master of magnetism and archrival yet friend to the professor, Magneto also the Blob, Juggernaut, Toad among others. He originally wanted to call the book "The Mutants" but his publisher thought that the average comic book reader wouldn't know what "mutant" meant. So, he thought about it for a while and realized that the characters had an extra power & their leaders name was Xavier, so he called them the X-men.

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